GRACO XP Plural Spray

Reduce waste and material costs

With the Graco XP and XM sprayers, you reduce waste and save money because you only mix as much material as you need. No more throwing away unused material at the end of the day. No more residue left over in smaller pails or cans. You can buy material in bulk as well.

Less clean-up saves time and money

Only the parts that come in contact with mixed material must be cleaned during the job. Instead of flushing out an entire pump system that contains mixed material, you only need to flush the static mix tube and hose to the gun. Reduced cleaning time means you save labor costs and increase uptime.

Provides consistent material quality

No more guesswork or human error in measuring means you can improve throughput, cut back on material waste, and reduce rework. Materials are proportioned by precision positive displacement pumps and mixed accurately and on-ratio at the mix manifold.