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Why Graco heated hoses

Graco hoses are wrapped with a copper heating element at a precise pitch to achieve accurate, uniform heating. Because knock-off hoses may not heat in the same way, you risk over- or under-heating your hoses. Mixing and matching both Graco and knock-off hoses may be even more serious, you may have a very large difference in temperature between hoses – potentially putting your equipment at risk for damage and creating a possible safety issue for your workers.

Resistance Control Mode – The latest hose control technology

Reactor 2 machines can now control hose temperature using resistance control mode. Resistance Control Mode (RCM) is a selection in the controls that allows the hoses to heat and control hose temperature without RTD cables and without

a Fluid Temperature Sensor (FTS). RCM is new software that uses the elec- trical resistance of the hose’s heating element to monitor and control hose temperature. The benefits of using RCM is a more consistent chemical heating without hot and cold spots due to missing hose insulation or leaving your hose coiled on the hose rack. RCM also eliminates the most common hose heat issue: overheating due to an improperly insulated FTS (missing foam hose insulation at FTS location). RCM is only designed to work with genuine Graco heated hoses. Any Reactor 2 model can utilize resistance mode by updating the Reactor 2 software. (RCM is not available on integrated Reactor models).


Fluid Temperature Sensors – An important safeguard

Before the availability of resistance mode, the traditional way of maintaining consistent chemical temperature and spraying quality foam and coatings was using a fluid temperature sensor FTS. Graco heated hoses are designed to maintain chemical temperatures during spray operations. Graco always recommends placing the FTS as close to the whip hose as possible in order to monitor the material temperature nearest the dispense point. Graco offers FTS using

two technologies – resistance temperature detectors (RTD) and thermocouples.

Resistance Temperature Detector – RTD

Graco’s Reactor 2 utilizes RTD technology. RTDs offer the highest accuracy and the best day-to- day repeatability of material temperatures in your hose. RTD technology allows the machine to automatically shut down if the sensor is damaged, which saves wasted time and materials.

Thermocouple – First generation technology

Graco’s first generation Reactor models and Gusmer models utilize thermocouple technology. Thermocouples are a very accurate and reliable way to monitor and maintain temperature. Hoses built with thermocouples are not interchangeable with hoses built with RTDs.

Scuff Guard – Protect your investment

Xtreme-WrapTM ScuffGuardprovidesextraprotectionandprolongedlifeforyourhose.Youmay choose a hose that comes with Xtreme-Wrap or purchase the kit to retrofit any existing Graco hose.