Graco XM PFP Plural-Component Sprayer

  • Handles two-part materials from 1:1 to 10:1
  • Provides precise ratio control within +– 5%
  • Ensures accurate, on-ratio mixing to reduce material waste
  • Virtually eliminates the difficult task of removing material that is improperly proportioned
  • Fast startup times due to performance of heating system

Proven ratio assurance

Simply enter the mix ratios into the control panel. If off-ratio conditions should occur, the system will stop production, preventing any off-ratio material from reaching your project.

Data reporting – for confidence

the job was done right Project data such as spray pressures, temperatures, actual ratio, and total flow output can be downloaded onto a flash drive. With this data, you can verify that materials were sprayed at the proper ratios and requirements set by the coatings manufacturer.

Consistent temperature control

The XM PFP Sprayer maintains temperature set points of the hose and materials – no more heater adjustments and no more material charring due to overheating. Closed-loop technology adjusts the heaters to achieve optimum spray performance in the most extreme conditions.